pydicom.tag.Tag(arg: int | str | tuple[int, int] | BaseTag, arg2: int | None = None) BaseTag[source]

Create a BaseTag.

General function for creating a BaseTag in any of the standard forms:

  • Tag(0x00100015)

  • Tag((0x10, 0x50))

  • Tag(0x0010, 0x0015)

  • Tag("PatientName")

  • arg (int or str or 2-tuple of int) –

    • If int then either the group number or the combined group and element numbers of the tag

    • If str then the corresponding element’s keyword

    • If tuple then the (group, element) numbers as (int, int).

  • arg2 (int, optional) – The element number of the DICOM tag, required when arg only contains the group number of the tag.

Return type: