Dataset Reading (pydicom.filereader)

Functions for reading DICOM datasets from file-likes.

data_element_generator(fp, is_implicit_VR, ...)

Create a generator to efficiently return the raw data elements.

data_element_offset_to_value(is_implicit_VR, VR)

Return number of bytes from start of data element to start of value

dcmread(fp[, defer_size, ...])

Read and parse a DICOM dataset stored in the DICOM File Format.

read_dataset(fp, is_implicit_VR, ...[, ...])

Return a Dataset instance containing the next dataset in the file.

read_deferred_data_element(fileobj_type, ...)

Read the previously deferred value from the file into memory and return a raw data element.


Read and return the DICOM file meta information only.

read_partial(fileobj[, stop_when, ...])

Parse a DICOM file until a condition is met.

read_preamble(fp, force)

Return the 128-byte DICOM preamble in fp if present.

read_sequence(fp, is_implicit_VR, ...[, offset])

Read and return a Sequence -- i.e. a list of Datasets.

read_sequence_item(fp, is_implicit_VR, ...)

Read and return a single Sequence item, i.e. a Dataset.