str, read: bool = False, download: bool = True) str | Dataset | None[source]

Return an absolute path to the first matching dataset with filename name that is found in a local or external pydicom datastore.

First searches the local pydicom data store, then any locally available external sources, and finally the files available in the pydicom/pydicom-data repository.

Changed in version 2.1: Modified to search locally available external data sources and the pydicom/pydicom-data repository

Changed in version 2.2: Added the read keyword parameter.

Changed in version 2.3: Added the download keyword parameter.

  • name (str) – The full file name (without path)

  • read (bool, optional) – If True then use dcmread() to read the file and return the corresponding FileDataset. Default False.

  • download (bool, optional) – If True (default) download the file if missed locally.


The absolute path of the file if found, the dataset itself if read is True, or None if the file is not found.

Return type:

str, pydicom.dataset.Dataset or None


ValueError – If name is an absolute path.