pydicom.datadict.add_private_dict_entry(private_creator: str, tag: int, VR: str, description: str, VM: str = '1') None[source]

Update the private DICOM dictionary with a new entry.

New in version 1.3.

  • private_creator (str) – The private creator for the new entry.

  • tag (int) – The tag number for the new dictionary entry. Note that the 2 high bytes of the element part of the tag are ignored.

  • VR (str) – DICOM value representation.

  • description (str) – The descriptive name used in printing the entry.

  • VM (str, optional) – DICOM value multiplicity. If not specified, then '1' is used.


ValueError – If the tag is a non-private tag.


Behaves like add_dict_entry(), only for a private tag entry.

See also


Add or update multiple entries at once.