pydicom.values.convert_SQ(byte_string: bytes, is_implicit_VR: bool, is_little_endian: bool, encoding: List[str] | None = None, offset: int = 0) Sequence[source]

Return a decoded ‘SQ’ value.

  • byte_string (bytes) – The encoded ‘SQ’ element value.

  • is_implicit_VR (bool) – True if the value is encoded as implicit VR, False otherwise.

  • is_little_endian (bool) – True if the value is encoded as little endian, False otherwise.

  • encoding (list of str, optional) – The character encoding scheme(s) used to encoded any text VR elements within the sequence value. 'iso8859' is used by default.

  • offset (int, optional) – The byte offset in byte_string to the start of the sequence value.


The decoded sequence.

Return type: