Element Value Decoding (pydicom.values)

Element value decoding.

convert_AE_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'AE' value.

convert_ATvalue(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'AT' value.

convert_DA_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'DA' value.

convert_DS_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'DS' value.

convert_DT_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'DT' value.

convert_IS_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'IS' value.

convert_numbers(byte_string, ...)

Return a decoded numerical VR value.

convert_OBvalue(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return encoded 'OB' value as bytes.

convert_OWvalue(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return the encoded 'OW' value as bytes.

convert_PN(byte_string[, encodings])

Return a decoded 'PN' value.

convert_single_string(byte_string[, ...])

Return decoded text, ignoring backslashes and trailing spaces.

convert_SQ(byte_string, is_implicit_VR, ...)

Return a decoded 'SQ' value.

convert_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded string VR value.

convert_tag(byte_string, is_little_endian[, ...])

Return a decoded BaseTag from the encoded byte_string.

convert_text(byte_string[, encodings, vr])

Return a decoded text VR value.

convert_TM_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'TM' value.

convert_UI(byte_string, is_little_endian[, ...])

Return a decoded 'UI' value.

convert_UN(byte_string, is_little_endian[, ...])

Return the encoded 'UN' value as bytes.

convert_UR_string(byte_string, is_little_endian)

Return a decoded 'UR' value.

convert_value(VR, raw_data_element[, encodings])

Return the element value decoded using the appropriate decoder.