pydicom.values.convert_IS_string(byte_string: bytes, is_little_endian: bool, struct_format: Optional[str] = None) Union[IS, MutableSequence[IS], int64, ndarray][source]

Return a decoded ‘IS’ value.

Changed in version 2.0: The option to return numpy values was added.

  • byte_string (bytes) – The encoded ‘IS’ element value.

  • is_little_endian (bool) – True if the value is encoded as little endian, False otherwise.

  • struct_format (str, optional) – Not used.


If use_IS_numpy is False (default), returns a single IS or a list of them

If use_IS_numpy is True, returns a single numpy.int64 or a ndarray of them

Return type

IS or MultiValue of them, or numpy.int64 or ndarray of them