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Documentation Development

December 09, 2018 major

This changelog represents all changes on and before December 9, 2018.

Major Updates (0.1.21)

  • the general “identifiers” module has been removed to clean up the library
  • perform_action should only be imported from deid.dicom.actions
  • “utils” module was added to have get_timestamp, parse_value
  • option to define a function is added, “func:func_name”


  • fixing client bug, redoing docs to be better organized (0.1.20)
  • Removing MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID from file_meta, issue #72 (0.1.19)
  • need to clean up temporary directory (mkdtemp), issue #68 (0.1.18)
  • fixing issue #65, save for compressed data (0.1.17)
  • matplotlib must be less than or equal to 2.1.2 for install (0.1.16)
  • fixing bug with clean coordinate flipping rectangle
  • Fixing bug with saving self.cleaned (0.1.15)
  • Allowing for datasets to be passed in functions (not necessary for files) (0.1.14)
  • index should be full path in (0.1.13)
  • pydicom bumped to install latest (1.0.2) (0.1.12)
  • ensuring that ids for images are full paths (0.1.11)
  • addition of the DeidRecipe class to better interact with and combine deid recipe files.
  • the get_files function now returns a generator instead of a list.



  • addition of this CHANGELOG and an AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTING file to properly open source the project. bug fix
  • when the user specifies a deid recipe, instead of adding it to a base template we honor the choice and don’t append a base. creation
  • this is the initial creation of deid, including recipes for cleaning of image headers and flagging of potential phi in pixels.