SendIt Documentation


The Sendit application is an on demand application that works in two stages to optimally anonymize and push anonymized images and metadata to Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud BigQuery, respectively. It works as follows:


The base of the image is distributed via sendit-base. This image has all dependencies for the base so we can easily bring the image up and down.


Module-specific Documentation

Steps in Pipeline

  1. Dicom Import: The logic for when a session directory is detected as finished by the Watcher.
  2. Anonymize: the defaults (and configuration) for the anonymization step of the pipeline. This currently includes just header fields, and we expect to add pixel anonymization.
  3. Storage: Is the final step to move the anonymized dicom files to OrthanCP and/or Google Cloud Storage.
  4. Error Handling: an overview of how the application managers server, API, and other potential issues.