pynetdicom is a pure Python package that implements the DICOM networking protocol. Working with pydicom, it allows the easy creation of DICOM Application Entities (AEs), which can then act as Service Class Users (SCUs) and Service Class Providers (SCPs) by associating with other AEs and using or providing the services available to the association.

Getting started

If you’re new to pynetdicom then start here:

User Guide

The User Guide is intended as an overview for using pynetdcom and the concepts relevant to DICOM networking. It covers UIDs, presentation contexts, event handling, AEs and associating.

For detailed documentation of the functions and classes see the API reference.

Code Examples

API Reference

The API Reference provides documentation of the functions, classes and other objects.

Supported Service Classes

pynetdicom currently supports the following DICOM service classes:


pynetdicom also includes some bundled applications

Release Notes