pydicom.filereader.read_partial(fileobj: BinaryIO, stop_when: Optional[Callable[[BaseTag, Optional[str], int], bool]] = None, defer_size: Optional[Union[int, float, str]] = None, force: bool = False, specific_tags: Optional[List[BaseTag]] = None) Union[FileDataset, DicomDir][source]

Parse a DICOM file until a condition is met.

  • fileobj (a file-like object) – Note that the file will not close when the function returns.

  • stop_when – Stop condition. See read_dataset() for more info.

  • defer_size (int, str or float, optional) – See dcmread() for parameter info.

  • force (bool) – See dcmread() for parameter info.

  • specific_tags (list or None) – See dcmread() for parameter info.


Use dcmread() unless you need to stop on some condition other than reaching pixel data.


The read dataset.

Return type

dataset.FileDataset or dicomdir.DicomDir

See also


More generic file reading function.