pydicom.filereader.read_deferred_data_element(fileobj_type: Any, filename_or_obj: str | bytes | PathLike | BinaryIO, timestamp: float | None, raw_data_elem: RawDataElement) RawDataElement[source]

Read the previously deferred value from the file into memory and return a raw data element.

  • fileobj_type (type) – The type of the original file object.

  • filename_or_obj (str or file-like) – The filename of the original file if one exists, or the file-like object where the data element persists.

  • timestamp (float or None) – The time (as given by stat.st_mtime) the original file has been read, if not a file-like.

  • raw_data_elem (dataelem.RawDataElement) – The raw data element with no value set.


The data element with the value set.

Return type:


  • IOError – If filename_or_obj is None.

  • IOError – If filename_or_obj is a filename and the corresponding file does not exist.

  • ValueError – If the VR or tag of raw_data_elem does not match the read value.