pynetdicom._handlers.doc_handle_sop_common(event: Event, *args: Sequence[Any]) Dict[UID, SOPClassCommonExtendedNegotiation][source]

Documentation for handlers bound to evt.EVT_SOP_COMMON.

User implementation of this event handler is required only if SOP Class Common Extended Negotiation is to be supported by the association.



  • event (events.Event) –

    The event representing an association request being received which contains one or more SOP Class Common Extended Negotiation items. Event attributes are:

  • args – If the handler was bound to the event using bind(event, handler, args) or by passing evt_handlers=[(event, handler, args), ...], where args is a list then there will be one or more optional extra parameters matching the contents of args.


The {SOP Class UID : SOP Class Common Extended Negotiation} items accepted by the acceptor. When receiving DIMSE messages containing datasets corresponding to the SOP Class UID in an accepted item the corresponding Service Class will be used (if available).

Return type