pydicom.datadict.get_entry(tag: int | str | Tuple[int, int] | BaseTag) Tuple[str, str, str, str, str][source]

Return an entry from the DICOM dictionary as a tuple.

If the tag is not in the main DICOM dictionary, then the repeating group dictionary will also be checked.


tag (int or str or Tuple[int, int]) – The tag for the element whose entry is to be retrieved, in any of the forms accepted by Tag(). Only entries in the official DICOM dictionary will be checked, not entries in the private dictionary.


The (VR, VM, name, is_retired, keyword) from the DICOM dictionary.

Return type:

tuple of str


KeyError – If the tag is not present in the DICOM data dictionary.

See also


Return an entry from the private dictionary.