Frequently asked questions


What happened to import dicom?

Starting in version 1.0, pydicom changed the library import from import dicom to import pydicom. If you’re used to using the earlier versions of pydicom see the transitioning guide on how to make the change.

How do I cite pydicom?

The easiest method is probably to find the Zenodo DOI for the version you are using and then entering your required citation style in the Cite as box.

Alternatively, you can use something along the lines of:

Mason, D. L., et al, pydicom: An open source DICOM library, [Online; accessed YYYY-MM-DD].


What are pydicom’s prerequisites?


pydicom requires Python.


When manipulating Pixel Data it’s recommended you install NumPy. When dealing with JPEG compressed Pixel Data see this table for which libraries are required.

What version of Python can I use?

What about support for Python 2.7?

Python 2.7 reached end of life on 1st January, 2020 and is no longer supported by pydicom. More information is available here.